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Audi A8L key matching method

Audi A8 as a high-end models, although not often encountered.But she’s familiar with the key matching method is necessary, in case you encounter later, and you don’t know, which would be a pity? below i will Share Audi A8L following key matching method.
A FVDI matching equipment to be used. Of course, there are many key matching device can do A8, now just use A FVDI for examples.A8 car in case you need to match the key, you first need to know frequency of the remote control. Usually there are two, one is the 315M and 433M.
A8’s remote control can be use on Volkswagen Touareg,they are general used.A8 contains two kinds of intelligent and non-intelligent remote control.Due to the high price of smart remote control, we had better not match the intelligent remote control.So we use the non-intelligent remote control, after a good match, you can use the remote control, but requires the smart card into the card slot inside to start the car.
How to get anti theft password
1. Confirm frequency remote control.(315M or 433M)
2. Connected to the vehicle with FVDI,enter FVDI the main program interface. The first thing is to get the security password, there are two ways to obtain the password.One is read anti theft password via OBD port.Another is remove engine ecu to get the data.

In the case of increasing the key,can use FVDI to obtain the security password via OBD.Open FVDI main program, select the engine control unit. For security, we can fully understand the meaning of read data via ECU.
Select ecu type after entering,meaning of select the model of the engine computer. The A8’s engine computer has two models, one is 7.1, there is a 9.1.
7.1 model is simple to do, whether it is increasing or throw the whole can do to avoid remove. 9.1 Part is relatively complex, either increasing or throw all it both need to be remove
Now has 7.1 as an example.At the beginning of doing, how can we judge it is 7.1 or 9.1 computer models.By the ecu type selection for automatic diagnosis,then reads the EEPROM,Wait about a minute or so, it will show the type of ECU,And EEPROM data will be displayed.”Save File” button to save the data first,Screenshot way to record this interface.It will be used after the next steps .

Because this interface contains a login password, firmware protection bytes, in the bottom left of the interface. It means that we’ve got the security code and firmware protection bytes. The firmware protection byte will only show 6 bytes, 7 bytes will be hidden. Need to obtain the car keys, and then exit the engine control unit….
Enter key learning . After entering, we look at the first option “auto detect the type.” As has been shown as “Audi A8”, also on behalf of the communication has been successful. There you can see the interface of other options, such as: “engine start permission” to display “Yes” on behalf of this key can now start the car, if it is “NO” on behalf of this key can not start the car. That is the key to learning after we open, more options than this, as shown whether these options are properly displayed.

How are normal, we click on “Programming dealer key” this button to enter, it will then pop up the following three options.

The first option is to load the engine function to generate the distribution of key data, the use of the case against Cong OBD port can not read passwords and data; second option is to load the 7-byte ID to generate dealer keys; third The first option is to find seven firmware protection byte key for generating dealer.
Choose the third option, as long as we just used the screenshots, pictures recorded 6 firmware password protection byte and fill in the corresponding landing box, then back button, “find the seven key word at work in Festival “will be prompted interface,” Please original car keys (you can launch key) into the programmer. ”

Put the original car keys to FVDI programming coil, click “a” in the lower left corner will display “has successfully completed the seventh of 35 (16 hex).” As shown above: When you find the first seven bytes firmware after click “programming” should prompt new key into FVDI programming coil. We follow the prompts to put the key into the new programming coil.
“OK.” Then you will be prompted “after holding down the brake pedal and press the unlock button, determine the connection to the device, you can release the pedal.” This prompted mean? If we do increase when the key does not need to care about this prompt, direct click to determine it. However, in the case of all lost, you need to go through the prompt wake-vehicle communication method, that is, the brakes and the car unlocked by switching methods.
Click “OK” after the lower left corner of the display “Try byte (# 000) into the key.” And then later on display, “reads the first seven bytes of success. Theft chip programmed and locked, the first seven bytes are 79.” That is the key dealers have generated a success.

We exit. Return to the key learning interface, the key number, and login password (security code) are filled out.

click to “learn”, will prompt “Turn the ignition switch and remove the key. Then insert the key and turn the ignition switch” Follow the prompts to do, after click “OK”.
Will be prompted to “turn off the ignition key to be inserted in each of the study, and then in front of the steering lock is locked put it in the CRANK position.”

When this prompt, put the key in the ignition dial light out, and then plug it in, hear the voice of the steering wheel to unlock, dial out. In the new insert another key to unlock the steering wheel to hear the sound, and then pull out. When two keys are unlocked hear, click “OK” key to increase implies complete.

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