The car suddenly stalled terrible it is important to identify the cause

Remember that period of time just to drive it? Remember it has repeatedly flameout? Remember the oil from the place it? Remember the clutch is always fast and flame lift it? Here follow me look at the car is turned off in the end is how it happened …… Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool With Double Board

Car flameout reasons:

1, the automatic transmission models will not easily appear flameout phenomenon, and models due to manual driving level is not high, may often stall phenomenon. But do not rule out the automatic transmission car flameout phenomenon does not occur, mainly due to the use of the fuel poor (many gas stations in order to reap huge profits selling impure oil) lead to engine deposits and stall. Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool With Double Board

2 In addition, the reason for stalling the new car (automatic transmission) occurs mainly caused by driving skilled enough, another possibility is that the car engine or the oil problem, but for a new car, the possibility of a problem than the engine itself is small, because the passage of most of the problems. Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool With Double Board

3, the last for the old models, the flame is not enough because in addition to driving skill, but it is not up to the quality of the oil using the engine flameout set of carbon as a result.

Automatic transmission car flameout troubleshooting methods:

Usually pay attention to places: For automatic transmission vehicles stalling phenomenon is caused by the fuel or the use of poor quality. First, the formal larger stations plus high-grade oil, for example, using 95 gasoline, although the price a lot more expensive, but you can protect your car longer life and the exercise of the power of good. But some owners freeloaders 92 plus oil, although the price a little lower, but problems may occur in the future. The second is to pass a large gas station!

Practice: left hand grasp the steering wheel to stabilize the direction (because there is no help, so be sure to firmly stabilize), right foot hard on the brakes to reduce the speed as much as possible, then quickly hit N AT stall speed, (note: the road to re-fight fire must be in the N range, can not be a D / R / P and other files, otherwise, the car or beat the fire, or the car will damage the gearbox), and then turn the key back a grid, and then re-ignition, then aT gear bit restored to normal driving D file. Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool With Double Board

Manual car flameout troubleshooting methods:

1, for the novice, halfway flame is not a new topic, the main approach to rapid run-in after exclusion improve their driving skills.

2, the use of high-standard quality of qualified fuel.

3, a thorough cleaning of the oil line will include fuel injectors, throttle, fuel tank and so on. There may be you add the oil quality, but off, plastic fat too much, the oil passage blocked, the attack caused by poor oil.Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool With Double Board

4, the cause of the failure to turn off idling vehicles under mainly due to too much dust in the air, the engine is running at idle speed motor with the throttle valve seat at the deposition has many dirt, when excessive accumulation of dirt, the engine will be idling too low, idle stability is poor, idling flameout occurs when traveling. To solve this problem is simple: just wash idle speed motor can be.

5, oil is smooth, it can easily lead halfway flameout.

6, long-term car park is not used. In fact, should not be parked for a long time. If parked a long time, before re-use should do a thorough maintenance, oil changes, filter, etc., and, where appropriate check fuel circuit. Your vehicle may cause long-term parking is because lubrication or circuit problem.


BMW X3 airbag fault warning light flashes sometimes riding indoor lighting

An approximately 160,000 km mileage 2004 BMW X3E83SUV. Users report: car instrument airbag fault warning lights, cab lights sometimes flicker, front and rear wiper operation weakness, often stuck in the middle of the glass does not move.

After the pick fault content is read by ISID :50-MRS supply voltage; 8C-KOMBI moldings R; 87-KOMBIK bus; 30-GMK bus. Failure to read the content from the perspective of the detector in addition to “50-MRS supply voltage” Others are more abstract failures content, Symptom vehicle from the surface nothing seems implicated, so he decided to choose the airbag fault first, the phenomenon of exclusion. Select “50-MRS supply voltage” testing program execution, inspection program first analyzes the fault stored in the memory of the memory voltage is too low, if the supply voltage exceeds the 20s MRS is less than 9V, MR will store this fault, where MRS is the airbag The control unit or multi-occupant protection system control unit. Continue the inspection program, the detector gives a circuit diagram of the airbag system shown in Figure 1, and is recommended to check the battery voltage, battery check circuit diagram of a voltage with a voltage of 12.8V, normal. Tips for inspection in accordance with the circuit diagram of F11 MRS insurance, the insurance did not fuse. In accordance with the test plan to continue down analysis, whether between MRS supply terminal X74 of 57 feet and a ground supply voltage 9 ~ 16V, using a multimeter to measure voltage 57 between the foot and the ground terminal is only 5 ~ 8V, followed by measure the voltage X10016 22-pin terminal, F11 insurance and ground, the result is only 5 ~ 8V, it is clear that there is power failure MRS. MRS is powered by the battery through the ignition switch provides direct R block, as shown in the ignition switch in the position of a radio block diagram of the F11 is the insurance supply terminal R block shown in Figure 2. R-side airbag system not only to the insurance F11 power, but also for several systems powered A1 fuse distributor of F5 ~ F15’s. Since the F11 is only 5 ~ 8V supply voltage, and that several other insurance system is not only 5 ~ 8V supply voltage it? Measurements and inferred as, F5, and several fuses are also only 5 ~ 8V supply voltage. View schematics to find the fuse F9 is powered body basic module, and flying fuse wiper relay is controlled by the body basic module for the interior lights powered F6. Symptom several vehicles, seemingly unrelated, are actually the cause of the power supply voltage is too low skp-900.

R block is rotated by a mechanical key mechanical ignition lock, ignition switch by changing the linkage of internal contact position control, a common cause of failure is mostly inside the ignition switch contacts wear or erosion caused. To verify the empirical analysis is correct, the maintenance staff while measuring the voltage at A1 distributor, while shaking the ignition switch, then found Al multimeter measured at the supply voltage constantly varies between 5 ~ 11V, then check to make sure the ignition switch after the connection terminal is no problem, indeed the point of failure is the ignition switch.

Replace the ignition switch, troubleshooting.This story originally appeared on

Facilitate the safe use of the car itself decoder forget preparedness others

When in late June of this year, a unit of a Junsao drove out parking, remember the car key remote control function has been on the locked car. But when she returned to the car after finishing things, they found a bag in the car were missing, while the locks and body are intact. Local police found after surveying the scene, which is a typical use of car theft in the decoder implementation. The decoder also known as automobile automotive fault diagnostic, and automotive connectors, you can read the electronic information system failures and help repair personnel to quickly and accurately determine fault and condition. Automotive vehicles generally have a remote lock function, the principle is the vehicle when locking and unlocking the car key remote control signals generated password is sent to the receiving device in the car after encryption, passwords, and when this group receiving device matches the door on opens. Criminals is to lock the car owners using the decoder reads the data in the control function, the code signal sent to intercept the remote copy down the owner, the owner of a leave after opened the door, and stole the car belongings.

See above case, you are not a thief now marveling hsiang, pervasive it? Then you would be wrong to carry out the theft, there is no corresponding technical knowledge, it is impossible to do.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, used in engine control system, electronically controlled automatic transmission, ABS anti-lock braking, SRS airbags, electronic suspension, cruise control and other related electronic control systems on the car are increasingly more, and repair industry as a troubleshooting method also has experience in the diagnosis of human development by the appropriate equipment for diagnosis, especially some of the electronic control system imported luxury cars can only be diagnosed by the equipment, and in many of these among the equipment we use is the most common electronic control system detector, known as the decoder.

Automotive decoder is actually the name of a broad sense, the current market auto decoders common in three ways: The first is the traditional sense of aftermarket tools called automotive fault diagnostic. It is for our cars to provide maintenance to equipment failure code and data, there is no risk of theft of the car; second car decoder chip, also called car keys matching instrument. This machine can be said to be double-edged sword, beneficial to have disadvantages, which in many cases lost car keys flourish, car keys matching to solve the problem, it can be said in this regard Automotive decoder chip is denied. However, such tools once in the hands of criminals, has become the root cause of crime. Now the car chip decoder, easy to operate, leading technology outflow. In the absence of effective management mechanism, in the market economy stimulus, whether producers or sellers mercenary, who makes use of the product audit, resulting in a large number of automotive chip decoder outflow into the hands of social workers. For this car immobilizer chip current situation is almost no preventive measures. If you really want to effectively prevent, motor vehicles must be removed OBD interface; third car decoder is the most harmful to an electronic tool. Is pure criminals stealing cars ready for remote control decoder. It is by receiving the majority of owners of remote control signals to the various functions of the remote copy is equivalent to lock as soon as you press the remote control when the car thief had already got your car remote control. This is why obviously put a good lock, or stolen, and there is no trace of damage. According to research this kind of remote control decoder is very powerful, as long as your remote control signal received either lock or unlock the car signals the signal, you can put all your remote control function to copy. Whether it is to open the door, lock the door or open the trunk. Thus, according to the majority of owners should be alert to this it works within 20 meters when no other suspicious persons can use the remote control to lock the car. If the high traffic areas, try to lock the car with the key.

Initial application of high technology for the convenience of users’ lives, but always had to take advantage of some criminals take advantage. So reminded owners. But also to facilitate their defense of others, be safe to travel.

INEMO designed detector design is based on vehicle safety

Currently, the number of car ownership in the community more and more. Meanwhile, the frequency of occurrence of the accident is also increasing. The project is based on INEMO semiconductor design a more humane automotive safety detector, the detector with its powerful features for people to be able to offer many convenient services. In the course of traveling cars, the detector can automatically detect the degree of turbulence and cars traveling road speed. When this index exceeds a critical value, the detector through voice broadcast system for the driver prompted the driver to slow down. At the same time, the detector is also capable of receiving data from the temperature sensor portion of the tire, and a processing frequency on the temperature displayed on the display, so the driver can monitor the working conditions of the vehicle tires in real time, to avoid puncture dangerous. In addition, the function of the maximum detector is its ability to simulate the vehicle driving state, the vehicle driving state is displayed visually on the computer interface, to provide a new driver to enjoy driving.

In the hot summer, if the driver is not able to keep abreast of changes in the temperature of the car tires and take appropriate protective measures, is likely to make the car dangerous puncture in the process of moving, for family and friends have a certain security threats. When the car is cornering or driving on uneven road, the driver is not able to clearly understand the performance aspects of the car. If the angular velocity or speed is too large, the risk of rollovers may make the car appear. If we can design a security detector, appeared before the car situation, through a certain test, to remind the driver, the driver in real time to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, so that we can largely reduce the accident frequency.

Functional requirements skp-900

Based INEMO designed automotive safety detector, with a very powerful feature. First, it can accept data from temperature sensors car tires out, the data displayed on the screen, so that the driver can readily grasp of car tires at the temperature changes, and alert the driver to make the appropriate protection against puncture dangerous. Secondly, the security of the detector can also be readily measured vehicle speed and the degree of turbulence, and the detected data is displayed, when the degree of turbulence over the risk indicators of the detector will be a prompt, a driver’s decelerating slow. Meanwhile, the detector capable of detecting the angular velocity of the car and the angular acceleration during cornering, and calculates to be subjected to centrifugal force and the centrifugal force of the car is now sold. When the car suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum friction is the automobile, the detector can be early warning to avoid the risk of rollover. In addition, the detector is also able to simulate the running state of the car, and the frequency on the display, so that the driver brings a whole new driving experience, while driving at any time be able to enjoy a lot of fun .

Performance standards

When the temperature reaches the set car tires tire maximum permissible temperature, the system will automatically alarm.

When the car is cornering suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum frictional force is set, the system will automatically alarm.

When a large extent bumpy car driving, more than the body can withstand the maximum, automatic alarm system.

Vehicle driving state can be displayed on the visual microprocessor, a driver in order to better understand the working conditions of the vehicle.

System functions can be implemented

In this system, INEMO will accept temperature from the temperature sensor is part of automobile tires, automobile tires in real time the temperature is displayed. In normal driving the car, the detector can detect the speed and acceleration of the current car, while calculating the degree of turbulence cars currently traveling. When the car at the corner intersection, the system is also able to detect angular velocity and the angular velocity of the car turning, and timely data will be displayed on the Lcd. When these data exceeds a certain indicators, the system will activate the alarm system to remind the driver, the driver in real time in order to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, and make timely protective measures to avoid unnecessary losses. On the basis of these functions, the point of the maximum detector innovation is that it be able to simulate the vehicle driving state. The detector capable of velocity, angular velocity and turbulence degree car data acquisition. Then, the detector will send the data to the host computer. After the host computer receives the data, a certain integration signal to the integration of C interface built up. Then, the car model built by the interface with the current state of the auto show, in order to achieve the simulation of the car, the driver can be more intuitive understanding of the working conditions of the car, the driver provides a new driving experience.

During system operation, the sensors are to work. Wherein the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor in the part of the tire, the tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring in real time and transmitted via wireless transmission to the microcontroller port; the remaining sensors are disposed below the front end module as a vehicle, wherein a two-axis gyroscope, and a one-axis gyroscope with real-time monitoring of all places of the body angular speed bumps, including front and rear, left and right and up and down the six azimuth data, the other is a two-axis gyroscope to detect the angular velocity of the car when cornering, as this module data then transmitted via the USB interface to the microcontroller; transmitted to the microcontroller on a variety of data to go through the appropriate amplifier handle, and then make the appropriate A / D conversion, converted to corresponding digital signal, and then again after each value with the respective threshold comparison, if greater than the threshold value, the system will prompt the driver to the voice and displayed in each of the parameter values ​​in each of the sensors relative to the LCD and the value is immediately sent to the simulator, and the simulator to simulate the car motion. Then the driver can make preventive measures in accordance with the actual situation.Article come from