Volkswagen Magotan / CC smart key matching method

Now many Volkswagen Audi cars have been upgrading to the fourth, the fifth generation of the anti-theft system, if we still do not know how such a model, is really very outdated thing.Now i’ll share how to match key with Volkswagen Magotan / CC .

Anti-theft chip models distinguished:

Magotan smart key can be divided into full-smart 46 and semi-intelligent 48 keys, all intelligence is using 46 chips, semi-intelligent is 48 chips. Before we do match, you can measure what it is what type of chip used. Key to the whole case Magotan lost, you can observe whether the ignition switch is a false key, how is a fake key that this car is 46 chips, if not a false keys on the use of 48 chips. All intelligent key, as long as the key with me, you can start the car models, while the semi-intelligent must have the smart card into the slot to start.

Prices in remote, semi-intelligent 48-chip intelligent expensive than the whole, but 48 in the match when the chip is locked out once, you can easily replace ordinary 48 chips continue to be available. But how is 46 chips once locked away, no unlocking, the entire smart card will be scrapped. In fact, Magotan and CC are of the same class of models, smart card practices are the same, but do Magotan CC key risk than higher.

Match before the preparation:

Must be removed under the front passenger glove compartment on the back of a cozy computer, win, remove the glove box will be able to see it. Comfortable open computer case, there will be a 95320 chip, with the XP program can read octagonal or other universal programmer reads the data stored well. Save time must be saved as BIN format, because A Fudi only recognizes BIN file format, or to the next operation when an error occurs. After the data is saved well, the 95,320 yards Replace comfortable computer chip, replace the vehicle. As shown below:

Matching process: (Now with 12 years ago, 48 chips for example)

A read password and some memory data

A Fudi good links with the vehicle, the original car key into the ignition switch light, light up the instrument, do not start the vehicle. Select A Fudi plug, Magotan / CC options, with the original car key to open the ignition switch, choose the key type. Click on “automatic login code + partial memory data” This process takes about fifteen minutes to read. After reading out a successful, will prompt us to save memory data files. To save memory data is good, and so will be used to match behind the operation.

2, loaded comfortable computer EEPROM data (95320)

Click “Load comfortable computer EEPROM data (95320)”, will pop up dialog box that prompts to load the file, we choose just read out by a programmer to load data 95320. When loading the 95320’s data, the user interface will appear upper right corner of the original key data, key 1 and key data 2. If there is no key data appear, indicating that the previous steps have been a problem, it is recommended not to do down.

3, generate dealer keys

Select the second item, “reads part of the memory data by means of the first step in generating dealer key”, click on “Load Data read the first step.” When clicked, a prompt will pop up, the first step for us to load memory data read out. We choose just spent fifteen minutes that data read out. Click Open. After clicking Open, we put the key into the 阿福迪 new coil, put away the key, click on the “Generate dealer key.” Will be prompted to “Please programming new keys into the coil, after a good point to determine stability.” Then there will be another prompt “Generate Key Distribution successful, the use of key learning function keys can the car, record seven-byte security code: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX”. We must make the 7-byte record, a pen or shot record is good, click OK.

4, learn key

If the original has a key now is to increase one, we choose the key number is two, to learn two keys. Then click on the learning key, the dialog box will pop up, “and click OK to start the match: The dealer key into the ignition light, and rotate to the instrument panel lit, for the key spacing is less than five seconds.” Click OK, this time, will be displayed on the instrument 0-2 to start a match. It turned out that the key to the ignition switch to the exit, turn on lights and then insert the instrument, the instrument will show 1-2, and then passed on out, insert the new key is lit another instrument will display 2-2. Then passed out and insert just the first key lighting instruments, this time, the meter will display the number of kilometers, said the key match is completed.


5, remote control match

When matching the key is completed, but also for remote match. Select A Fudi 46 main channels, into the 46, just click match, select forward as channel number 01, directly point test, save, and then press the remote button.

46 chip matching difference:

The difference in the third step, select “With the car keys generate dealer keys” click “Generate dealer key” prompt “Please put a can of car keys into programmer” This time, we the original car keys from the ignition the switch down, put 阿福迪 coils, click OK. At this time, the user interface will appear fake crash state one minute or so, do not control, continue to wait, do not quit, like, then follow the prompts to do down after one minute.


12 years later, Magotan, regardless of the chip is 46 or 48, have chosen “With the car keys generate dealer keys” to do. In doing smart key match Magotan 46, when a new key for another car also got out of the car interior try to turn off all equipment generates radio wave interference, such as electronic dog, wireless transmitter of MP3. And 12 years ago, Magotan, whether 46 or 48 chips, we can use E Fudi match. 12 years after the Magotan 48 chips, you need to have five generations of the coil support to match.

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