2010 Honda CRV Troubleshooting of remote control

Today, share a car key matching fault case, firstly thanks to Master Wu sharing. A few days ago , a 10-year Honda CRV, the owner reported the fault on the remote control does not work properly after checking frequency remote control, adequate battery.

He use the old re-match with the new remote control , the vehicle can not normally enter the remote control to set the state.Try to head off the car battery to see if to lift failure, but instead cause the vehicle false alarms.Inadvertently found that insert the key to open the vehicle door won’t cause any reminder sound ,dashboard does not show the doors open.So open Steering wheel prop.Check the key at the remote remind coil-contact switch if there are problems.Check if the switch resistance is normal.Down ideas, check door switch, switch lines are normal.Use Launch X431 check fault codes and found no direct relationship between the fault and the remote control.Just reported B1000 B1008 B1011 three failures. Remove the MICU (body control box) Check no damage, no burning point.Then check MICU relevant line plug properly.

This time deadlocked,Access to information, in accordance with the troubleshooting method.Access to information, in accordance with the exclusion method.Pull the plug coil recognition,check and still have that fault.Remove the Dashboard, disconnect the meter two plugs, connectors X431 detect faults, B1000 fault disappears.According to this can judge that the problem in dasboard.Asked the owner,when the fault happened.Owners reply that a week ago tuned mileage,the remote control is working properly,after a day find the dasboard did not alarm open door,but the remote control can also be used normally,today can not use the remote control.Owners called to the one who turn mileage dasboard ask him to adjust the dashboard, the answer is okay and no matter with dashboard.

Now repair deadlock, replace the dashboard does not necessarily solve the remote control malfunction problems, but the cost is too great.Then change thinking way, B1000 failure remove first and then check remote control failure problems

Looking for a normal dashboard models with data written to try to replace the original dashboard data, and then loaded on the car.launch x431 diagnostic tool detected three fault disappears, the remote control can be used normally, troubleshooting.Remove the dashboard re-adjusted back to the owner wants kilometers loading everything is ok,remote control function is ok.

Summary:before check the fault we need to communicate with the car owner . Well begin is half done

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