INEMO designed detector design is based on vehicle safety

Currently, the number of car ownership in the community more and more. Meanwhile, the frequency of occurrence of the accident is also increasing. The project is based on INEMO semiconductor design a more humane automotive safety detector, the detector with its powerful features for people to be able to offer many convenient services. In the course of traveling cars, the detector can automatically detect the degree of turbulence and cars traveling road speed. When this index exceeds a critical value, the detector through voice broadcast system for the driver prompted the driver to slow down. At the same time, the detector is also capable of receiving data from the temperature sensor portion of the tire, and a processing frequency on the temperature displayed on the display, so the driver can monitor the working conditions of the vehicle tires in real time, to avoid puncture dangerous. In addition, the function of the maximum detector is its ability to simulate the vehicle driving state, the vehicle driving state is displayed visually on the computer interface, to provide a new driver to enjoy driving.

In the hot summer, if the driver is not able to keep abreast of changes in the temperature of the car tires and take appropriate protective measures, is likely to make the car dangerous puncture in the process of moving, for family and friends have a certain security threats. When the car is cornering or driving on uneven road, the driver is not able to clearly understand the performance aspects of the car. If the angular velocity or speed is too large, the risk of rollovers may make the car appear. If we can design a security detector, appeared before the car situation, through a certain test, to remind the driver, the driver in real time to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, so that we can largely reduce the accident frequency.

Functional requirements skp-900

Based INEMO designed automotive safety detector, with a very powerful feature. First, it can accept data from temperature sensors car tires out, the data displayed on the screen, so that the driver can readily grasp of car tires at the temperature changes, and alert the driver to make the appropriate protection against puncture dangerous. Secondly, the security of the detector can also be readily measured vehicle speed and the degree of turbulence, and the detected data is displayed, when the degree of turbulence over the risk indicators of the detector will be a prompt, a driver’s decelerating slow. Meanwhile, the detector capable of detecting the angular velocity of the car and the angular acceleration during cornering, and calculates to be subjected to centrifugal force and the centrifugal force of the car is now sold. When the car suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum friction is the automobile, the detector can be early warning to avoid the risk of rollover. In addition, the detector is also able to simulate the running state of the car, and the frequency on the display, so that the driver brings a whole new driving experience, while driving at any time be able to enjoy a lot of fun .

Performance standards

When the temperature reaches the set car tires tire maximum permissible temperature, the system will automatically alarm.

When the car is cornering suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum frictional force is set, the system will automatically alarm.

When a large extent bumpy car driving, more than the body can withstand the maximum, automatic alarm system.

Vehicle driving state can be displayed on the visual microprocessor, a driver in order to better understand the working conditions of the vehicle.

System functions can be implemented

In this system, INEMO will accept temperature from the temperature sensor is part of automobile tires, automobile tires in real time the temperature is displayed. In normal driving the car, the detector can detect the speed and acceleration of the current car, while calculating the degree of turbulence cars currently traveling. When the car at the corner intersection, the system is also able to detect angular velocity and the angular velocity of the car turning, and timely data will be displayed on the Lcd. When these data exceeds a certain indicators, the system will activate the alarm system to remind the driver, the driver in real time in order to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, and make timely protective measures to avoid unnecessary losses. On the basis of these functions, the point of the maximum detector innovation is that it be able to simulate the vehicle driving state. The detector capable of velocity, angular velocity and turbulence degree car data acquisition. Then, the detector will send the data to the host computer. After the host computer receives the data, a certain integration signal to the integration of C interface built up. Then, the car model built by the interface with the current state of the auto show, in order to achieve the simulation of the car, the driver can be more intuitive understanding of the working conditions of the car, the driver provides a new driving experience.

During system operation, the sensors are to work. Wherein the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor in the part of the tire, the tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring in real time and transmitted via wireless transmission to the microcontroller port; the remaining sensors are disposed below the front end module as a vehicle, wherein a two-axis gyroscope, and a one-axis gyroscope with real-time monitoring of all places of the body angular speed bumps, including front and rear, left and right and up and down the six azimuth data, the other is a two-axis gyroscope to detect the angular velocity of the car when cornering, as this module data then transmitted via the USB interface to the microcontroller; transmitted to the microcontroller on a variety of data to go through the appropriate amplifier handle, and then make the appropriate A / D conversion, converted to corresponding digital signal, and then again after each value with the respective threshold comparison, if greater than the threshold value, the system will prompt the driver to the voice and displayed in each of the parameter values ​​in each of the sensors relative to the LCD and the value is immediately sent to the simulator, and the simulator to simulate the car motion. Then the driver can make preventive measures in accordance with the actual situation.Article come from


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