Smart car OBD interface will be the golden key to it?


Talk Smart car has a big direction, there are models of how intelligent? Before a common practice is to make a fuss in the car machine, installed after the transformation of the car through the local host, so trees open new flowers.

Now, some companies began to consider a more tricky way, the breakthrough is the standard configuration of the car OBD interface. Interface OBD (On Board Diagnostics) The OBD2 system is a universal, easy maintenance of the vehicle to quickly detect a fault, and therefore the vehicle can achieve much critical information, such as the engine, catalytic converter, particulate filter, oxygen sensor, emission control system, fuel system, EGR systems and components. Currently listed models after 2007 will force equipped with OBD interface.

Great Fang from Shanghai to build up this iVoka miniX intelligent hardware products, automobile use is called “wearable device” is the use of the OBD interface, while adding and interoperability of mobile


Intelligent core logic is:

By the size of an SD card reader hardware products miniX, inserted into the OBD interface to existing vehicles, usually below the steering wheel. Can obtain information related to the vehicle’s speed, fuel consumption, etc..

This is on the one hand on the other hand, miniX itself is built with a communication module, access to the Internet, the data is uploaded to the cloud, customers can access the mobile application client inquiries.

Further is, miniX built-in GPS module, so the same time as a vehicle tracking device, the track of the vehicle can be recorded.


Based on this logic, iVoka miniX do what is already very clear: nothing but position monitoring, recording and location-related travel; well as related condition reminder and security, fault detection, and so on.

Probably because IT Smart car for the sake of cross-border concerns, Great Fang was the first time I heard this was what the company? Looking for friends in the industry understand that, from 2000, this pioneering company in the past five years in terms of the Internet to do research car. Before this product features like miniX Great mostly done before installation market, the main customers are Roewe, Volvo.

Thus, the Great tantamount to a relatively upstream automotive industry technology provider, this is a means of miniX want to get into a broader user base after the installation market, but also in the field of intelligent cars have a more open market.

Great simple communication with the chairman shall Yi-lun, he said miniX this product using a common interface is the biggest characteristic, we can use, that is specifically mentioned in the preceding OBD.

Yi Lun should also give miniX envisages a broader vision, long-term accumulation of data through miniX, allowing users to better driving habits to reduce fuel consumption; while allowing insurance companies to driving habits good user discounts, etc., which in practice Reporting interests to attract users.

He envisioned this ecosystem will involve these areas:

Key data: vehicle data, the owner data, track data

Related companies: 4S shop, insurance companies, Internet companies

Relevant users: owner users, developers

Because data can be, and the phone is connected to a wireless communications network through the OBD interface, so developers can move more applications based on these data in a mobile terminal mini elm327 bluetooth.


It seems that this is a good one “smart car eco Bureau,” but on the Great, if said earlier realization of these features is not difficult, it may be a good product. But to ecology, requires enormous appeal, this is precisely the short board.

In addition, hardware-based intelligent OBD interface, because the interface is a generic open, the threshold is relatively low, the market products is not uncommon, I recently saw a friend buy a similar product is also plugged into the OBD interface to obtain car information, and then displayed on the phone via Bluetooth application panel, such as a cell phone screen to temporarily host vehicle. So, Great smart eco plan to achieve, and how the scale is the primary problem.


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