Breaking car information silos

After the living room, the car is a center for scientific and technological onslaught. Google driverless too far, such a short time is difficult to spread Tesla vehicle make automotive glass screen ideal yet become the fifth floor, the car really intelligent, but also work hard in a normal car.

Several forms of intelligent cars

Car was able to intelligence, that it can and networks, and mobile phones, to connect with other devices, and then load the wealth of Internet information services. It is believed that there are several forms of intelligent car:

1, the ultimate smart: unmanned, cloud scheduling;

2, vehicle smart: smart TV sets corresponding to the car factory will be integrated into the Internet interface, implantation of Internet services, best known than Tesla;

3, OBD (OBD) Intelligence: universal OBD interface means, the car information barriers break the ice indicator vehicle information data becomes available, and even some of the information is written to affect vehicle operation.

4, Car Smart: Smart tire pressure detector (iron generals), smart lock, intelligent navigation systems, intelligent in-car entertainment systems, smart mirrors, air purifiers and other smart cars, removable, assembly, optional.

5-vehicle applications: automotive scene with Internet applications, such as road applications, navigation App, taxi App, car entertainment systems, Baidu CarNet, Apple CarPlay fall into this category.

6, automotive peripheral: intelligent solutions around the car, smart parking, smart garage, intelligent transportation, Uber Car, P2P car so can count, and car-related technology applications.

Intelligent car earlier than intelligent hardware development for many years, there have been a number of levels. But Chinese players than most OBD smart car smart products. January 1, 2007, all Chinese factory vehicles are mandatory installation of OBDII port, this decision has been generally let the car OBD interface. OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System) or “OBD”, also known as onboard diagnostics, it is input and outputs the digital information automobile. This allows the car is no longer a purely mechanical device, but the device always generates information data. The intelligence and information are inseparable, so the real car networking or smart cars will definitely use OBD interface.

OBD Interface breaking car information silos

OBD called the on-board diagnostic system, which initially serve naturally repair technicians, they access through a dedicated device OBD interface and access to diagnostic codes can quickly locate the fault, and even found hidden in advance. Since OBD also become relevant departments to monitor high-emission vehicles interface, it can be used by the relevant regulatory authorities. Now it has become a key exporter of automotive intelligence information.

By using tens of thousands of sensors to monitor the engine, catalytic converter, particulate trap, oxygen sensors, emission control system, fuel system, GER and other parts, OBD interface output MPH, MPG, RPM, oil pressure, water temperature, engine temperature, tire pressure, oil viscosity, fuel-efficiency. You can even get a crack at the bottom of the data: doors windows, lights, brakes, gears, air conditioning, radar, ignition, flame, data speed, fuel consumption, safety belt.

These data become smart OBD input devices, and after treatment will become valuable information, even the formation of the new model. Specifically, 4S shop owners can use it to understand the habits of precise positioning owners to push their services; auto insurance companies can be combined with the acceleration sensor to record the vehicle driving course to become an automobile accident reduction black box; while greater imagination is through OBD smart devices, output data from the car to the user valuable information.

All of these applications are to make use of external devices to obtain data OBD interface. Some screen directly, while others are adapter and then transfer the data to the cloud and mobile phones via Bluetooth, the mobile cellular network. Essentially breaking the car in this information silos, let the car with clouds, cars and mobile phones, cars and more closely connected users.



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