FAQs About installing the Renault Can Clip

Recently, the Renault can clip has updated its software to the newest version—V139. More vehicle owners have got one to diagnose their vehicle, yet there arises many questions. In this article, I will present some FAQs and solutions of installation.

When you are going to install the software of the Renault can clip, you need exit the antivirus software first, and you’d better install it on the PC with XP system, then start your installation.

In the process of installation, many users have asked this question:”Renault CAN CLIP V130 used to work, but after I reinstall the software, it always displays an error message reading ‘You must register your clip’ “. So I wanna remind all of you that you also needs to register after you reinstall the software, this error picture suggest that you did not install the software properly, please watch Renault can clip video in the “Video” column, the video shows the installation process step-by-step.

And also many users find that when they try to install the CAN clip software on different PCs, the Renault can clip always shows an error reading “SPX CLIP Registration Client”. If this happen to you, my advice is you can follow our video or PDF instruction to correctly install the software step-by-step, and also install the software on your PC with XP operation system, it is better to choose the American English Professional version system.


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