Modified car trip computer programming technology modification methods

The easiest is to use conversion to convert stored procedures chip mode, switch to a different programming chips, just put back the ECU apart, pulled out the original chip and then put the new chips will be done by now, due to some older E- ROM chip can be written only once the program, so all the procedures required to use burner carved into a blank chip to replace the original chips after each modification program. In recent years, many new cars ECU can be repeatedly used to read and write Flash-Rom (flash memory) chips, when modifying the program without changing the blank chip can be directly loaded, compared with E-Rom more convenient.

But regardless of what form of chips, and chip tuner original design will add protection designed to prevent the decoding and copying of, so when modification, modification chip dealers for each car should first upload the data to the chip Refurbisher go certification body number, ECU number, year / specifications. After the data is determined under the relevant procedures before the dealer spread a computer technician and then writes the data recorder was originally used as a blank chip or connect the computer to detect the original jack, the Flash-Rom chip inside the ECU program updated. This form of ECU fans modification method does not give any room for adjustment, but the benefits are time and worry province, very suitable for those with no or only slightly altered engine (including the intake and exhaust systems) of the original car.

It should be noted that most people talk about when they just stared at ECU modification with hardware, like a brand ECU put the dynamic performance of the car will have an immediate upgrade, which is actually a big misunderstanding on the modification. ECU is just a tool, a different category and brand differentiation depends on your actual needs. In the final analysis, depends on the skill of the effect of modified ECU programmer and the adequacy of test equipment (such as professional use of air-fuel ratio meter, dynamometer, etc.). Just think, if the programmer only holding laptop computer, sitting in the front passenger position and owners on the highway side of the “Speed”, while the seat of your pants to adjust fuel delivery and ignition timing, which is not only dangerous but is not science, tune out The effect may be worse than the original (of course, in the modified street cars on the general level of this approach is the basic desirable). In the racing field, you often see engineers on-site calibration procedure using a laptop, which is converted in the original program according to the weather, track conditions slight adjustment program, but does not deviate from the original modification program too.

In fact the biggest cost modified ECU is not in the hardware but in software, to develop a fully tailored according to the individual circumstances of modified cars ECU program, you need an experienced programmer to work together with other technical staff all day on the dynamometer or even more. After all, if the calibration technique, however hard, or lack of professional equipment should be used in a number of well-known brands of chips or follow the plug-in additional random computer programs, these may not be the best ECU modification, but it is definitely the safest and most cost-effective approach….


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