Nebula Systems announced a breakthrough in vehicle diagnostics technology

London, June 3, 2014 / PRNewswire PRNewswire / – UK-based Nebula Systems Ltd launched its revolutionary new vehicle diagnostic system MECH5, let a professional mechanic and owner can ever use their smartphones, tablets PC or laptop to the electronic system of the vehicle to carry out in-depth analysis.

Nebula Systems believes that as a completely cloud-based system, a unique feature MECH5 will completely change anyone, including professional mechanic, automotive telematics, fleet management and vehicle diagnostics industry to carry out roadside repairs way.

The OBD system via a small (OBD) system operation, this device is inserted into the diagnostic socket of the vehicle, after being connected to the safety MECH5 cloud. After the user from anywhere in the world can wirelessly remote access to the computer system through the network of the vehicle (ECU) vast amounts of information stored.

Nebula Systems sales director Andrew Steer said: “The first time ever, from car enthusiasts to professional mechanics and car detached garage, including any user will be able to access the very low price of the system is a powerful system so that they can through networking. Any vehicle electronic systems professional conduct remote diagnostics, whether they stood by the car, or on the other side of the earth. ”

“We are fully considered in the design of MECH5 different levels of participation, so anyone can use and you do not need to be an expert to find the car at the time because the problem and find solutions to known users can easily repair and technical information to help get On busy. ”

“We are very proud to MECH5, which allows users to really have a very simple and practical way to identify the problem yourself car. MECH5 is a subscription service, but do not need to sign a contract. Users can flexibly be used when needed, Even without a subscription, is still free to read the error code and parameter values. ”

The company is currently looking for supporters through Kickstarter, and strive until June 20 to raise £ 50,000 to complete the first phase of MECH5 development and launch later this year.


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