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INEMO designed detector design is based on vehicle safety

Currently, the number of car ownership in the community more and more. Meanwhile, the frequency of occurrence of the accident is also increasing. The project is based on INEMO semiconductor design a more humane automotive safety detector, the detector with its powerful features for people to be able to offer many convenient services. In the course of traveling cars, the detector can automatically detect the degree of turbulence and cars traveling road speed. When this index exceeds a critical value, the detector through voice broadcast system for the driver prompted the driver to slow down. At the same time, the detector is also capable of receiving data from the temperature sensor portion of the tire, and a processing frequency on the temperature displayed on the display, so the driver can monitor the working conditions of the vehicle tires in real time, to avoid puncture dangerous. In addition, the function of the maximum detector is its ability to simulate the vehicle driving state, the vehicle driving state is displayed visually on the computer interface, to provide a new driver to enjoy driving.

In the hot summer, if the driver is not able to keep abreast of changes in the temperature of the car tires and take appropriate protective measures, is likely to make the car dangerous puncture in the process of moving, for family and friends have a certain security threats. When the car is cornering or driving on uneven road, the driver is not able to clearly understand the performance aspects of the car. If the angular velocity or speed is too large, the risk of rollovers may make the car appear. If we can design a security detector, appeared before the car situation, through a certain test, to remind the driver, the driver in real time to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, so that we can largely reduce the accident frequency.

Functional requirements skp-900

Based INEMO designed automotive safety detector, with a very powerful feature. First, it can accept data from temperature sensors car tires out, the data displayed on the screen, so that the driver can readily grasp of car tires at the temperature changes, and alert the driver to make the appropriate protection against puncture dangerous. Secondly, the security of the detector can also be readily measured vehicle speed and the degree of turbulence, and the detected data is displayed, when the degree of turbulence over the risk indicators of the detector will be a prompt, a driver’s decelerating slow. Meanwhile, the detector capable of detecting the angular velocity of the car and the angular acceleration during cornering, and calculates to be subjected to centrifugal force and the centrifugal force of the car is now sold. When the car suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum friction is the automobile, the detector can be early warning to avoid the risk of rollover. In addition, the detector is also able to simulate the running state of the car, and the frequency on the display, so that the driver brings a whole new driving experience, while driving at any time be able to enjoy a lot of fun .

Performance standards

When the temperature reaches the set car tires tire maximum permissible temperature, the system will automatically alarm.

When the car is cornering suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum frictional force is set, the system will automatically alarm.

When a large extent bumpy car driving, more than the body can withstand the maximum, automatic alarm system.

Vehicle driving state can be displayed on the visual microprocessor, a driver in order to better understand the working conditions of the vehicle.

System functions can be implemented

In this system, INEMO will accept temperature from the temperature sensor is part of automobile tires, automobile tires in real time the temperature is displayed. In normal driving the car, the detector can detect the speed and acceleration of the current car, while calculating the degree of turbulence cars currently traveling. When the car at the corner intersection, the system is also able to detect angular velocity and the angular velocity of the car turning, and timely data will be displayed on the Lcd. When these data exceeds a certain indicators, the system will activate the alarm system to remind the driver, the driver in real time in order to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, and make timely protective measures to avoid unnecessary losses. On the basis of these functions, the point of the maximum detector innovation is that it be able to simulate the vehicle driving state. The detector capable of velocity, angular velocity and turbulence degree car data acquisition. Then, the detector will send the data to the host computer. After the host computer receives the data, a certain integration signal to the integration of C interface built up. Then, the car model built by the interface with the current state of the auto show, in order to achieve the simulation of the car, the driver can be more intuitive understanding of the working conditions of the car, the driver provides a new driving experience.

During system operation, the sensors are to work. Wherein the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor in the part of the tire, the tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring in real time and transmitted via wireless transmission to the microcontroller port; the remaining sensors are disposed below the front end module as a vehicle, wherein a two-axis gyroscope, and a one-axis gyroscope with real-time monitoring of all places of the body angular speed bumps, including front and rear, left and right and up and down the six azimuth data, the other is a two-axis gyroscope to detect the angular velocity of the car when cornering, as this module data then transmitted via the USB interface to the microcontroller; transmitted to the microcontroller on a variety of data to go through the appropriate amplifier handle, and then make the appropriate A / D conversion, converted to corresponding digital signal, and then again after each value with the respective threshold comparison, if greater than the threshold value, the system will prompt the driver to the voice and displayed in each of the parameter values ​​in each of the sensors relative to the LCD and the value is immediately sent to the simulator, and the simulator to simulate the car motion. Then the driver can make preventive measures in accordance with the actual situation.Article come from

Car keys,the purchase price proportional to the car

Mr. Hao Rui Gao owners accidentally lost car keys, and later by the dealer to the factory orders with the key. However, from order to get the key, wait two weeks before Mr. Gao. A key is actually to go with for so long? This allows Mr. Gao did not understand. Also let him do not understand is that a little key, actually want to spend nearly $ 3,000. An inconspicuous car keys, is so expensive, we might take a look at its replacement cost is what the composition.

Proportional to the price and the purchase price with a spoon

“How expensive with the keys, usually with matched Keys, also 10 dollars, which turned out to be 3000 yuan car keys.” Mr. Gao said. Mr. Shaw was driving the car is a Skoda Hao Rui, had landed spent nearly 300,000 yuan. Reporters interviewed the staff of the 4S shop, with key staff said the price is fixed headquarters, they have no right to change, customers are unable to do so.

Reporter consulted a number of 4S stores downtown and found the car keys generally worth a lot of money, with the key prices and the prices of basic proportional. Most of 4S shop with key offer in 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, the price of some high-end models with the key even up to 8000 yuan. In Volkswagen Jetta, for example, with the key quotes 4S shop given 1,500 yuan; part of a joint venture brand compact car like Vios, carnival, with a key price of about 1,000 yuan; 300,000 -50 million level luxury cars, with the key prices generally above 3,000 yuan.

Your car keys in the “technology fee”

A sale manager of FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop, said Lo, each key has a password, the password matches the high cost. Some mid-alone joint venture brands spend a remote key at least 1,500 yuan or more, and some luxury brand models alone is the key necessary to 3,000 yuan or more. If the owners choose to change the whole lock, then spend a lot more expensive than a single change keys, like the BMW SUV change the whole lock a section close to $ 10,000.

Some high-end imported cars with keys and destroy the original key in the production process needs to be completed. Such imports Audi and BMW models to be imported in Germany, so costs are generated on these costs, the price will be so expensive. In addition, high-end cars to crack the code matches the level and higher, so prices naturally increase. For some models, it may be the ignition switch, doors, rear doors, the glove box door, fuel tank cap, engine cover all use the same key to open, if the replacement vehicle locks, then the site would need to be replaced more, and costs will naturally increase.

In addition, Mr. Luo told reporters, changing locks with keys and the time spent is not how long, generally two or three hours to complete. However, according to different models of different levels of security keys, write code, and match needs to spend some time. Some high-end models with the key needs to make reservations in advance to determine the chassis number of different codes and other information based on different models, so when a customer key is broken or lost, under normal circumstances can not quickly get the key. Individual luxury brand because of the need to carry back to the origin with the key business superobd, may be stretched to a two-month period.

4S shop suggestions:

Lost the key lock is best for the whole

Then, once the key is lost, is not equipped with a key like it? Still need to replace the whole lock it? Mr Lo said that for security reasons, it is recommended that consumers new key match after a good idea to replace the vehicle locks. Now new cars are standard two keys, there is a brand identification codes, inscribed with a combination of letters and numbers, the brand must not be lost. If the owner accidentally lost the car keys, it is necessary to hold the brand with the key identifier. New with the key needs and “electronic identification code” on the original vehicle anti-theft system for matching, the match is completed, the new key to enable the lost remote control keys immediately lapse.

“Even if someone picked up the old car keys, and can only be opened by mechanical key to the door, absolutely impossible to start the car.” Current car remote control key has a chip inside, then insert the key, the key to the chip ID and the car alarm system After the match the correct identification code in order to start the car. After losing the keys, the safest approach is to replace a full lock. After replacing the whole lock, even if it was picked up before the lost keys, skp900 do not worry about the door will be opened.

Spoon roadside shop with no more than 1,000 yuan

Reporters in Yongfu Road Auto Parts City, you can find several shops consultation with key with the key prices, quotes several shops were given far less than the 4S shop, all in less than 1,000 yuan. In which a shop owner just as a Peugeot car owners with a new key, a new key moment is good, the owner will match the key chip laptop computer connected with the car, engine immobilizer data read for new keys and spare key performed microarray data matching, and then add the new data into the on-board computer, the entire process took less than half an hour, with a good as new keys and spare key, can successfully open and lock the doors, but also to start the vehicle, Pay only 630 yuan.

In response, Mr. Lo said, skp-900 car keys and passwords match engine anti-theft device is completed by computer, simply press the corresponding data input program, press the mouse to complete the match. Although simple, but one of the technical fees are not cheap. In addition, 4S shop is to knock off fees and material costs, while outside auto parts stores charge only the cost of materials. 4S shop for all who come with the car keys, I have to carry driving license, ID card, then check customer information, to apply with the key. The outside of the shop would not require these. It is learned that with the key is a special industry, the record must be registered in the Public Security Bureau and obtain relevant licenses, otherwise illegal operations, with chain stores and roadside mostly undocumented, security to speak of. Although the outside with the key businesses of low prices, but there is more than equipped to decode the hidden keys or malicious, but also may affect the security of the vehicle.

Therefore, from the reliability and safety starting with the key in the 4S shop expensive, can be considered to pay for peace of mind.

Smart car OBD interface will be the golden key to it?


Talk Smart car has a big direction, there are models of how intelligent? Before a common practice is to make a fuss in the car machine, installed after the transformation of the car through the local host, so trees open new flowers.

Now, some companies began to consider a more tricky way, the breakthrough is the standard configuration of the car OBD interface. Interface OBD (On Board Diagnostics) The OBD2 system is a universal, easy maintenance of the vehicle to quickly detect a fault, and therefore the vehicle can achieve much critical information, such as the engine, catalytic converter, particulate filter, oxygen sensor, emission control system, fuel system, EGR systems and components. Currently listed models after 2007 will force equipped with OBD interface.

Great Fang from Shanghai to build up this iVoka miniX intelligent hardware products, automobile use is called “wearable device” is the use of the OBD interface, while adding and interoperability of mobile


Intelligent core logic is:

By the size of an SD card reader hardware products miniX, inserted into the OBD interface to existing vehicles, usually below the steering wheel. Can obtain information related to the vehicle’s speed, fuel consumption, etc..

This is on the one hand on the other hand, miniX itself is built with a communication module, access to the Internet, the data is uploaded to the cloud, customers can access the mobile application client inquiries.

Further is, miniX built-in GPS module, so the same time as a vehicle tracking device, the track of the vehicle can be recorded.


Based on this logic, iVoka miniX do what is already very clear: nothing but position monitoring, recording and location-related travel; well as related condition reminder and security, fault detection, and so on.

Probably because IT Smart car for the sake of cross-border concerns, Great Fang was the first time I heard this was what the company? Looking for friends in the industry understand that, from 2000, this pioneering company in the past five years in terms of the Internet to do research car. Before this product features like miniX Great mostly done before installation market, the main customers are Roewe, Volvo.

Thus, the Great tantamount to a relatively upstream automotive industry technology provider, this is a means of miniX want to get into a broader user base after the installation market, but also in the field of intelligent cars have a more open market.

Great simple communication with the chairman shall Yi-lun, he said miniX this product using a common interface is the biggest characteristic, we can use, that is specifically mentioned in the preceding OBD.

Yi Lun should also give miniX envisages a broader vision, long-term accumulation of data through miniX, allowing users to better driving habits to reduce fuel consumption; while allowing insurance companies to driving habits good user discounts, etc., which in practice Reporting interests to attract users.

He envisioned this ecosystem will involve these areas:

Key data: vehicle data, the owner data, track data

Related companies: 4S shop, insurance companies, Internet companies

Relevant users: owner users, developers

Because data can be, and the phone is connected to a wireless communications network through the OBD interface, so developers can move more applications based on these data in a mobile terminal mini elm327 bluetooth.


It seems that this is a good one “smart car eco Bureau,” but on the Great, if said earlier realization of these features is not difficult, it may be a good product. But to ecology, requires enormous appeal, this is precisely the short board.

In addition, hardware-based intelligent OBD interface, because the interface is a generic open, the threshold is relatively low, the market products is not uncommon, I recently saw a friend buy a similar product is also plugged into the OBD interface to obtain car information, and then displayed on the phone via Bluetooth application panel, such as a cell phone screen to temporarily host vehicle. So, Great smart eco plan to achieve, and how the scale is the primary problem.

Breaking car information silos

After the living room, the car is a center for scientific and technological onslaught. Google driverless too far, such a short time is difficult to spread Tesla vehicle make automotive glass screen ideal yet become the fifth floor, the car really intelligent, but also work hard in a normal car.

Several forms of intelligent cars

Car was able to intelligence, that it can and networks, and mobile phones, to connect with other devices, and then load the wealth of Internet information services. It is believed that there are several forms of intelligent car:

1, the ultimate smart: unmanned, cloud scheduling;

2, vehicle smart: smart TV sets corresponding to the car factory will be integrated into the Internet interface, implantation of Internet services, best known than Tesla;

3, OBD (OBD) Intelligence: universal OBD interface means, the car information barriers break the ice indicator vehicle information data becomes available, and even some of the information is written to affect vehicle operation.

4, Car Smart: Smart tire pressure detector (iron generals), smart lock, intelligent navigation systems, intelligent in-car entertainment systems, smart mirrors, air purifiers and other smart cars, removable, assembly, optional.

5-vehicle applications: automotive scene with Internet applications, such as road applications, navigation App, taxi App, car entertainment systems, Baidu CarNet, Apple CarPlay fall into this category.

6, automotive peripheral: intelligent solutions around the car, smart parking, smart garage, intelligent transportation, Uber Car, P2P car so can count, and car-related technology applications.

Intelligent car earlier than intelligent hardware development for many years, there have been a number of levels. But Chinese players than most OBD smart car smart products. January 1, 2007, all Chinese factory vehicles are mandatory installation of OBDII port, this decision has been generally let the car OBD interface. OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System) or “OBD”, also known as onboard diagnostics, it is input and outputs the digital information automobile. This allows the car is no longer a purely mechanical device, but the device always generates information data. The intelligence and information are inseparable, so the real car networking or smart cars will definitely use OBD interface.

OBD Interface breaking car information silos

OBD called the on-board diagnostic system, which initially serve naturally repair technicians, they access through a dedicated device OBD interface and access to diagnostic codes can quickly locate the fault, and even found hidden in advance. Since OBD also become relevant departments to monitor high-emission vehicles interface, it can be used by the relevant regulatory authorities. Now it has become a key exporter of automotive intelligence information.

By using tens of thousands of sensors to monitor the engine, catalytic converter, particulate trap, oxygen sensors, emission control system, fuel system, GER and other parts, OBD interface output MPH, MPG, RPM, oil pressure, water temperature, engine temperature, tire pressure, oil viscosity, fuel-efficiency. You can even get a crack at the bottom of the data: doors windows, lights, brakes, gears, air conditioning, radar, ignition, flame, data speed, fuel consumption, safety belt.

These data become smart OBD input devices, and after treatment will become valuable information, even the formation of the new model. Specifically, 4S shop owners can use it to understand the habits of precise positioning owners to push their services; auto insurance companies can be combined with the acceleration sensor to record the vehicle driving course to become an automobile accident reduction black box; while greater imagination is through OBD smart devices, output data from the car to the user valuable information.

All of these applications are to make use of external devices to obtain data OBD interface. Some screen directly, while others are adapter and then transfer the data to the cloud and mobile phones via Bluetooth, the mobile cellular network. Essentially breaking the car in this information silos, let the car with clouds, cars and mobile phones, cars and more closely connected users.


Car keys matching instrument in the maintenance

Car key matching is often encountered in the case maintenance staff for special maintenance station, the use of the original fault diagnostic work can complete the corresponding match, but for those of ordinary maintenance companies, to provide support if there is no specialized equipment to handle the key is lost when the vehicle is often helpless. Buy original fault diagnostic need to invest a lot of money, but even after the purchase for a key match, a lot of other features may be idle. Key match instrument there, so companies can target major car repair, a small amount of capital investment, the purchase of a single key can be used to match the capabilities of specialized equipment, maintenance companies bring a lot to the general convenience. The instrument automatically reads the chip key password and the password is written to Match within the engine control unit chip. Complete loss of vehicle keys can be matched without any replacement control unit skp-900.

First, the key instrument to use to match

Key matching principle is the use of the instrument by means of the relevant models connector will read out the anti-theft control module EWS internal CPU data, the end-device to read data written to the new key to complete the match. It should be noted that the keys are write-once, not repeatedly rewriting, that match too old and can no longer match the key, so the key or key to match the chip must be new.

1 skp900 read key data

(1) Press the Read button to read the sensor data in the instrument status.

(2) the need to match the key close to the sensing area, the instrument began to read the sensor data key, the instrument will have voice and text prompts to read the description of the key data has been completed.

2 write key data

(1) controls the engine control unit in the memory chip split out, clean the chip into the fixture and tighten the seat lock into the instrument.

(2) According to the menu, select the corresponding models, the instrument will prompt the appropriate corresponding chip model cars, the engine control unit in the memory chip specific location. Then press the programming key to the induction key code data read write memory chip in the engine control unit, the instrument LED light flashes when data is being written, the instrument will sound and text prompts to finish writing data after the data successfully.

(3) written after the chip data Refit the engine control unit, the key match is completed, the new key to start the vehicle matched up. Key matching instrument generally match multiple keys at the same time, just repeat the above steps.

3. Instrument issues that need attention

(1) Key matching function key will clear all previous legal code.

(2) must be all the car keys, including the new key with the engine control unit or the immobilizer control unit match, while completing the matching process.

(3) If you lose a legitimate key, for safety reasons, must be a new key matching program. This allows the lost key becomes illegal, you can not start the engine.

Second, the use of a key instrument to solve practical problems matching

Although the shape of the keys and buttons matching instrument vary, but using methods similar, BMW key match in this instrument, for example, for the key match of frequently encountered in maintenance, repair explore how to use the instrument to solve practical problems.

1 M1 safe operation mode operation

Safe operation mode refers to the chip set will be encrypted with a key that matches the pattern. The CPU is 2D47J theft control module EWS3A (eg annual 2001 BMW 520i), for example, select the model, follow the picture content related operations, the system will prompt the mode switch to the M1, M1 indicator light should be bright red. Read and save data, remember to save the data path (by default stored in the C disk device → ProgramFiles → BMW Key Programmer → UserBackFile inside, namely C: \ ProgramFiles \ BMW Key Programmer \ UserBackFile). During operation should remember the file name, such as [EWS3A_2D47J_2001-2006_2007-03-23_0006.BIN], save your data after the key match, the system enters matching key interface. In this brief introduction for the matching procedure.

Set the mode switch to the M2, M2 indicator should light.

Select the correct COM port, to be consistent with system testing, such as COM3 (Device port can only be used within the COM1 ~ 4 in any port).

(2) Open the file matches the key, according to the previously saved file path to find the file, usually in C: \ ProgramFiles \ BMW Key Programmer \ UserBackFile inside, as in the above example [EWS3A_2D47J_2001-2006_2007-03-23_0006.BIN], Click Open.

(3) marquee input key number (0-9), can not be duplicated, such as had been the first two, the new feature must be the first two away.

(4) the new key or chip placed in the correct key instrument graphics sensing area, click on the “Program” button. At this point, if the equipment is not flashing lights, and no description of the device information window prompt induction into the key or chip, or chip should be a key move slightly up or down position, and then try again. Help write signal indicator flashes faster the better, generally about matching 30s to finish writing the data to match the success of the instrument will prompt the appropriate graphic.

2 the operation of the conventional operation mode M2

Normal operation mode M2 ​​is mainly applied to the CPU data matching without encryption to protect the EWS. The CPU is 0D46J theft control module EWS3B example, select the model, follow the picture content related operations, according to the reading screen prompts to enter the key match.

Set the mode switch to the M2, M2 should be bright lights, key interface into the match after regular follow these steps:

(1) Select the correct COM port, and the system must be tested to the same, such as COM3.

(2) Select the EWS type, such as EWS2 or EWS3, in this case we want to match the EWS3.

(3) Click to read the key anti-theft control module EWS read the CPU internal data.

(4) Click the Save button to save the data, the data is very important in case of loss of data recoverability.

(5) Enter key marquee number (0 to 9), can not be duplicated, such as the original first two have, with the new CAP must be other than two.

(6) The new key or chip key correctly placed into the instrument graphics sensing area and click the “Programming” button superobd skp900.

If you click on the device after the indicator is not flashing, and no description of the device information window prompt induction into the key or chip, or chip keys should be under the direction of the light up or move the location, and then try again. Help write signal indicator flashes faster the better, generally about matching 30s to finish writing the data to match the success of the instrument will prompt the appropriate graphic.