FAQ when using the Superobd skp-900 car key programmer

To make a better use of Superobd skp-900,here I am sharing my questions and answers with you all about the tool,In order to make I could have a better understanding of skp-900, I have
asked customer service in obd2works.com about skp900.

superobd skp-900

Q: Should I close immobilizer when programing car keys? Or do I have to close the immobilizer with other tools when i use SuperOBD SKP-900

A: You can program a key with the immobilizer on and no need to turn off the immobilizer

Q:Can SuperOBD SKP-900 key programmer support a TOYOTA G CHIP?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: I have 2007-2008 Honda (id 48/8e chip) , can i use the SKP-900 car key programmer?

A: There are the car models SuperOBD SKP-900 tool support list:


Q: Can I recharge tokens before it is used up?When should I add SKP900 token?

A: You can add tokens for your SKP-900 anytime whenever there are tokens in your tool or not.

Q: I have download the software of skp 900 from its official website . But the software’s language is Chinese. I cannot read Chinese. Is there an English version?

A:Our technicians have tested it that after you install the software, the language will be English,and that is normal

If you have any other question visit http://www.obd2works.com livechat.leave your question,or you can contact the email:obd2works@gmail.com


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