Update The Software Of The MaxiDiag MD802

The software of the MaxiDiag MD 802 can be updated by yourself and what you need is a PC.First,you need to login the website,and then download the software,update online and retrieve information.After you download the update software to your PC,you can choose one of the two update programs,one is “Batch updating” and another is “Single updating”.

If you choose the update program of “Batch updating”,you can select the programs that you wanna update by clicking on the check boxes that next to those items,or if you wanna update all the items,you just need to click the “SELECT ALL” checkbox on the right side of the screen ,then click the “Update Select Items” button on the right side of the screen and it will start updating.On the screen,you can see the progress bar[downloading] on the upper left and the progress bar [installing] on the upper right and they will show the updating process directly.Also,you can see the final progress information in the status column of the updated items.After all the items you choose to update are downloaded,they will be installed automatically and the new version will replace the old version.

If you choose another update program–“Single updating”,you need to find the item you wanna update and click “INSTALL” button in the same line.And the only different between “Batch updating” and “Single updating” is that the “Single updating” can only update one item in one time.


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