Before You Use The V-Checker

V-Checker is a professional OBDII tool.Before you use the tool to monitor electronic and emissions-related faults in your vehicle and retrieve fault codes related to malfunctions in these systems,you should fix all the mechanical problems.And low oil level,damaged hoses,wiring or electrical connectors are all mechanical problems,they would cause a "fause" fault code.

Please check the following points to make sure you can perform all tests smmothly by using the V202 V-Checker.

First,you should check the engine oil,power steering fluid,and if the transmission fluid is applicable,you also need to check,also the engine coolant and other fluids should be checked for proper levels.

Then be sure the air filter is clean and is in good condition, and check the air filter ducts for holes,rips or cracks,connect all air filter ducts properly.Also all spark plugs should be clean and in good condition.Then all the engine belts should be checked for in good condition,and avoid the condition of cracked, torn, brittle, loose or missing belts.The battery terminals should be clean and tight.Check it for corrosion or broken connections and check for proper battery and charging system voltages.

And you should check all rubber hoses and steel hoses for leaks, cracks, blockage or other damage and be sure all hoses are routed and connected properly;Then check the mechanical linkages to engine sensors are all secure and properly connected,such as throttle, gearshift position, transmission and etc.All the electrical wiring and harnesses should be connected properly,the wire insulation should be in goos conditions,there has no bare wires.Last,check the engine and make sure it is mechanically sound.


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