How To Use The Digimaster III?

When you get a digimaster III,first what you need to do is to check the vehicle list and choose the right vehicle modle you want to operate.And after you open the vehicle list,you will see there is a list that contains 4 areas,they are Europe, America, Japan&Korea and other.You just need to click the one which indicates the coutry your vehicle comes from.Here let’s take America for example.

Now you can check the vehicle list under the “America” and find out the vehicle you want to operate and click it.After you click each one,there will show another sheet which owns three columns of Type,Information and Adapter.The “Type” column show the vehicle types that the digimaster can operate;The “Information” is the vehicle’s information;and the “Adapter” is used to program the mileage.But please remember the digimaster III dose most vehicles by adapter card,so don’t do all vehicles with the OBD cable.So when you find out the right type for your vehicle,then you need to see the according adapter and find the right adapter on your digimaster’s suitcase where has many different adapters.Addition,you can find the vehicles that can be done with OBD cable by checking the “Europe” and clicking “VW”,then there will show you the vehicles.

After you get the right adapter and then you should remove your vehicle’s dashboard which can be used to tell you the chip information and take out the chip from your vehicle,put the vehicle chip to the according adapter.Then you can know how to program the mileage for your vehicle.If you want to operate other vehicles,you can click the “Back to index” and choose other vehicels.


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