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Update The Software Of The MaxiDiag MD802

The software of the MaxiDiag MD 802 can be updated by yourself and what you need is a PC.First,you need to login the website,and then download the software,update online and retrieve information.After you download the update software to your PC,you can choose one of the two update programs,one is “Batch updating” and another is “Single updating”.

If you choose the update program of “Batch updating”,you can select the programs that you wanna update by clicking on the check boxes that next to those items,or if you wanna update all the items,you just need to click the “SELECT ALL” checkbox on the right side of the screen ,then click the “Update Select Items” button on the right side of the screen and it will start updating.On the screen,you can see the progress bar[downloading] on the upper left and the progress bar [installing] on the upper right and they will show the updating process directly.Also,you can see the final progress information in the status column of the updated items.After all the items you choose to update are downloaded,they will be installed automatically and the new version will replace the old version.

If you choose another update program–“Single updating”,you need to find the item you wanna update and click “INSTALL” button in the same line.And the only different between “Batch updating” and “Single updating” is that the “Single updating” can only update one item in one time.


Before You Use The V-Checker

V-Checker is a professional OBDII tool.Before you use the tool to monitor electronic and emissions-related faults in your vehicle and retrieve fault codes related to malfunctions in these systems,you should fix all the mechanical problems.And low oil level,damaged hoses,wiring or electrical connectors are all mechanical problems,they would cause a "fause" fault code.

Please check the following points to make sure you can perform all tests smmothly by using the V202 V-Checker.

First,you should check the engine oil,power steering fluid,and if the transmission fluid is applicable,you also need to check,also the engine coolant and other fluids should be checked for proper levels.

Then be sure the air filter is clean and is in good condition, and check the air filter ducts for holes,rips or cracks,connect all air filter ducts properly.Also all spark plugs should be clean and in good condition.Then all the engine belts should be checked for in good condition,and avoid the condition of cracked, torn, brittle, loose or missing belts.The battery terminals should be clean and tight.Check it for corrosion or broken connections and check for proper battery and charging system voltages.

And you should check all rubber hoses and steel hoses for leaks, cracks, blockage or other damage and be sure all hoses are routed and connected properly;Then check the mechanical linkages to engine sensors are all secure and properly connected,such as throttle, gearshift position, transmission and etc.All the electrical wiring and harnesses should be connected properly,the wire insulation should be in goos conditions,there has no bare wires.Last,check the engine and make sure it is mechanically sound.

The Diagnostic Functions Of The C110 Creator

The creator C110 is an vehicle code reader tool,and its main functions are reading trouble codes, clearing trouble codes, reading datastream, the component testing, clearing adaption and reading the vehicle information. In this article,we’ll share the diagnostic functions.

When there occurs the emission-related fault,the trouble codes would cause the control module to illuminate the malfunction indicator lamp.And users can do the function of reading trouble codes with the key on and the engine off or with the key on and the engine running.On the screen of the C100 creator,you can use the UP/DOWN buttons to choose the “Read Trouble Code” from the diagnostic menu and click “OK”,and the C110 would communicate with the vehicle and read out the trouble codes.If the vehicle doesn’t have a diagnostic trouble code,the code reader tool will display “No Trouble Code” and wait several seconds,it will return to the diagnostic menu.

The function of clearing trouble codes should be done with the key on and the engine off.On the diagnostic menu,there will have an option of “Clear Trouble Code”,click it and it would be done automatically.When the trouble codes are cleared,the message of “Fault codes is erased” will displayed on the screen.When the trouble codes are not cleared,there will show a message of “Erase Failure.Turn Key On With Engine Off”,then do as it says.

The function of “Read Datastream” can help users view the live or real time data of the vehicle’s computer modules.The same,there has an option for users to choose this function on the diagnostic menu,just choose it to get more options.Users can use the button “Up/Down” to select datastream and use the button “Left/Right” for page up and page down. Users can enter the graph mode by clicking the button of “GRAPH”.

The function of “Component Testing” can initiate component test for the vehicle.The C110 creator itself can not do the component test,but commands the control units to start the test.And the function of “Clear Adaptation” can clear the driver’s driving habits that stored in the control module.

The last main function of “Information” is actually display the vechile’s ECU information which includes software version, hardware version, diagnostic index, pro. date and part number ECT.The retrieved vehicle information will show on the screen of C110.

How To Use The Digimaster III?

When you get a digimaster III,first what you need to do is to check the vehicle list and choose the right vehicle modle you want to operate.And after you open the vehicle list,you will see there is a list that contains 4 areas,they are Europe, America, Japan&Korea and other.You just need to click the one which indicates the coutry your vehicle comes from.Here let’s take America for example.

Now you can check the vehicle list under the “America” and find out the vehicle you want to operate and click it.After you click each one,there will show another sheet which owns three columns of Type,Information and Adapter.The “Type” column show the vehicle types that the digimaster can operate;The “Information” is the vehicle’s information;and the “Adapter” is used to program the mileage.But please remember the digimaster III dose most vehicles by adapter card,so don’t do all vehicles with the OBD cable.So when you find out the right type for your vehicle,then you need to see the according adapter and find the right adapter on your digimaster’s suitcase where has many different adapters.Addition,you can find the vehicles that can be done with OBD cable by checking the “Europe” and clicking “VW”,then there will show you the vehicles.

After you get the right adapter and then you should remove your vehicle’s dashboard which can be used to tell you the chip information and take out the chip from your vehicle,put the vehicle chip to the according adapter.Then you can know how to program the mileage for your vehicle.If you want to operate other vehicles,you can click the “Back to index” and choose other vehicels.