About The Software Of EasyDiag

EasyDiag is an intergrated service platform based on automotive diagnosis solution.It can achieve following functions:vehicle diagnosis, operational data query, automotive repairment, data and information sharing;which provide a wide range of automotive diagnostic community.

Users just need to use the Bluetooth connectors(DBScar connector) to communicate with their vehicles. The data between the terminal and connectors is transmitted via Bluetooth, it owns all the functions of full diagnostic, which includes full electronic control system trouble diagnosis, and it can read and clear Diagnosis trouble codes and read data stream.

Circle and the instant message can help users share their maintenance knowledge of vehicle easily, users can communicate their vehicle maintenance experience, ask their troubles of vehicle maintenance and also can get the vehicle maintenance service support online. It’s the home of maintenance technicians, where you can have the information you want.

EasyDiag is an excellent auto diagnostic tool which get the perfect combination with the Internet, it is a revolution of the vehicle diagnostic tools. You can free download and install the EasyDiag app, experience the best trouble diagnostic app for smart vehicle of mobile-internet full of creative. If you need the latest vehicle trouble diagnostic technology, you can buy a portable EasyDiag diagnostic connector.With this connector,and connected with your smart phone or tablet PC, you can do the vehicle diagnosis and many other internet functions intergrated by the app product.


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