Unlocked Tacho Pro 2008 Odometer Correction Universal Dash Programmer

Tacho Pro is the worldwild popular programming-device for digital speedometers. It offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation,it’s a high-quality odometer programming tool.

The Tacho Pro we introduce here is the version July, 2008.The supported languages of Tacho Pro 2008 includes English, Polish, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian, French and Germany.

Kindly notice: Please do not update this device online or press “update” button in the machine, it is very important.

Following are the outstanding features of Tacho Pro 2008 programming system:

1) The current odometer reading will be decoded and shown on the LCD display;

2) There has clear menu guidance in the CD which can help users do the easy self explanatory operation;

3) It can work in overcast conditions because of the Backlit display;

4) All the datasets of it can be edited, saved and loaded;

5) The stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving;

6) It can store over 200 files in the Tacho Universal;

7) Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortably.

In the Tacho Pro 2008,the menu options includes “Choose language””New PIN””Eraser all eeps””Clear 1 EEP””Verify PIN”.

Users can use the funtion of “choose language” to choose the language you want.

About the “New PIN”,you should enter the old PIN first,then have the PIN.

With the “Erase all EEPs”,users can erase all data that have saved before.And you have to press E to verify first and then enter your PIN.

The “Clear 1 EEP” is used to erase the last data users have saved.

Last,the “Verify PIN”can help users to switch on or switch off the password when starting it.

Related Download PDFs:

Tacho Pro 2008 User Manual.pdf

Tacho Pro_support-list.pdf


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