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SuperOBD skp-900 key programmer instruction

SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer can be a hand-held device for reading and programming auto transponder keys, auto remote keys, and auto smart keys. superobd skp900 really is strong
in functions, user friendly, and cost-effective in price, and is particularly the best longterm option for just a locksmith shop and in some cases for DIYs.


This operation instruction can tell you guidelines for your scan tool. For other vehicles, you are able to perform superobd skp-900 by making reference to the instructions or in accordance with operation recommendations on the screen.

Take FORD to give an example, if all key’s lost, you should use SuperOBD SKP-900 to match key. Firstly, you will need to connect this product on the OBDⅡconnector via Main Cable.

Select Vehicle: [FORD]→[FOCUS]:

Press [YES], and select ‘IMMOBILIZER’ in line with your automobile:

ADD KEY: for matching new key

DELETE KEY: for deleting all registered keys thin lost keys can’t provide neither We claim that you delete all keys before matching new keys.

As shown on the screen, you need to add at the least 2 new tips for start the engine after deleting all registered keys.

superobd skp900 demonstrates that deleting keys is succeeded.

According to the instruction on-screen, you should insert a new key and turn IGN on.You could begin to see the IMMO indicator light will flash when inserting a vital which cannot start


Hitherto two new keys are actually successfully programmed. You will use one to get started the engine. Of course, if you wish add more keys, you simply need repeat the

above operations.

Be sure you have installed USB Driver before updating software.

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Volkswagen Magotan / CC smart key matching method

Now many Volkswagen Audi cars have been upgrading to the fourth, the fifth generation of the anti-theft system, if we still do not know how such a model, is really very outdated thing.Now i’ll share how to match key with Volkswagen Magotan / CC .

Anti-theft chip models distinguished:

Magotan smart key can be divided into full-smart 46 and semi-intelligent 48 keys, all intelligence is using 46 chips, semi-intelligent is 48 chips. Before we do match, you can measure what it is what type of chip used. Key to the whole case Magotan lost, you can observe whether the ignition switch is a false key, how is a fake key that this car is 46 chips, if not a false keys on the use of 48 chips. All intelligent key, as long as the key with me, you can start the car models, while the semi-intelligent must have the smart card into the slot to start.

Prices in remote, semi-intelligent 48-chip intelligent expensive than the whole, but 48 in the match when the chip is locked out once, you can easily replace ordinary 48 chips continue to be available. But how is 46 chips once locked away, no unlocking, the entire smart card will be scrapped. In fact, Magotan and CC are of the same class of models, smart card practices are the same, but do Magotan CC key risk than higher.

Match before the preparation:

Must be removed under the front passenger glove compartment on the back of a cozy computer, win, remove the glove box will be able to see it. Comfortable open computer case, there will be a 95320 chip, with the XP program can read octagonal or other universal programmer reads the data stored well. Save time must be saved as BIN format, because A Fudi only recognizes BIN file format, or to the next operation when an error occurs. After the data is saved well, the 95,320 yards Replace comfortable computer chip, replace the vehicle. As shown below:

Matching process: (Now with 12 years ago, 48 chips for example)

A read password and some memory data

A Fudi good links with the vehicle, the original car key into the ignition switch light, light up the instrument, do not start the vehicle. Select A Fudi plug, Magotan / CC options, with the original car key to open the ignition switch, choose the key type. Click on “automatic login code + partial memory data” This process takes about fifteen minutes to read. After reading out a successful, will prompt us to save memory data files. To save memory data is good, and so will be used to match behind the operation.

2, loaded comfortable computer EEPROM data (95320)

Click “Load comfortable computer EEPROM data (95320)”, will pop up dialog box that prompts to load the file, we choose just read out by a programmer to load data 95320. When loading the 95320’s data, the user interface will appear upper right corner of the original key data, key 1 and key data 2. If there is no key data appear, indicating that the previous steps have been a problem, it is recommended not to do down.

3, generate dealer keys

Select the second item, “reads part of the memory data by means of the first step in generating dealer key”, click on “Load Data read the first step.” When clicked, a prompt will pop up, the first step for us to load memory data read out. We choose just spent fifteen minutes that data read out. Click Open. After clicking Open, we put the key into the 阿福迪 new coil, put away the key, click on the “Generate dealer key.” Will be prompted to “Please programming new keys into the coil, after a good point to determine stability.” Then there will be another prompt “Generate Key Distribution successful, the use of key learning function keys can the car, record seven-byte security code: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX”. We must make the 7-byte record, a pen or shot record is good, click OK.

4, learn key

If the original has a key now is to increase one, we choose the key number is two, to learn two keys. Then click on the learning key, the dialog box will pop up, “and click OK to start the match: The dealer key into the ignition light, and rotate to the instrument panel lit, for the key spacing is less than five seconds.” Click OK, this time, will be displayed on the instrument 0-2 to start a match. It turned out that the key to the ignition switch to the exit, turn on lights and then insert the instrument, the instrument will show 1-2, and then passed on out, insert the new key is lit another instrument will display 2-2. Then passed out and insert just the first key lighting instruments, this time, the meter will display the number of kilometers, said the key match is completed.


5, remote control match

When matching the key is completed, but also for remote match. Select A Fudi 46 main channels, into the 46, just click match, select forward as channel number 01, directly point test, save, and then press the remote button.

46 chip matching difference:

The difference in the third step, select “With the car keys generate dealer keys” click “Generate dealer key” prompt “Please put a can of car keys into programmer” This time, we the original car keys from the ignition the switch down, put 阿福迪 coils, click OK. At this time, the user interface will appear fake crash state one minute or so, do not control, continue to wait, do not quit, like, then follow the prompts to do down after one minute.


12 years later, Magotan, regardless of the chip is 46 or 48, have chosen “With the car keys generate dealer keys” to do. In doing smart key match Magotan 46, when a new key for another car also got out of the car interior try to turn off all equipment generates radio wave interference, such as electronic dog, wireless transmitter of MP3. And 12 years ago, Magotan, whether 46 or 48 chips, we can use E Fudi match. 12 years after the Magotan 48 chips, you need to have five generations of the coil support to match.

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Audi A8L key matching method

Audi A8 as a high-end models, although not often encountered.But she’s familiar with the key matching method is necessary, in case you encounter later, and you don’t know, which would be a pity? below i will Share Audi A8L following key matching method.
A FVDI matching equipment to be used. Of course, there are many key matching device can do A8, now just use A FVDI for examples.A8 car in case you need to match the key, you first need to know frequency of the remote control. Usually there are two, one is the 315M and 433M.
A8’s remote control can be use on Volkswagen Touareg,they are general used.A8 contains two kinds of intelligent and non-intelligent remote control.Due to the high price of smart remote control, we had better not match the intelligent remote control.So we use the non-intelligent remote control, after a good match, you can use the remote control, but requires the smart card into the card slot inside to start the car.
How to get anti theft password
1. Confirm frequency remote control.(315M or 433M)
2. Connected to the vehicle with FVDI,enter FVDI the main program interface. The first thing is to get the security password, there are two ways to obtain the password.One is read anti theft password via OBD port.Another is remove engine ecu to get the data.

In the case of increasing the key,can use FVDI to obtain the security password via OBD.Open FVDI main program, select the engine control unit. For security, we can fully understand the meaning of read data via ECU.
Select ecu type after entering,meaning of select the model of the engine computer. The A8’s engine computer has two models, one is 7.1, there is a 9.1.
7.1 model is simple to do, whether it is increasing or throw the whole can do to avoid remove. 9.1 Part is relatively complex, either increasing or throw all it both need to be remove
Now has 7.1 as an example.At the beginning of doing, how can we judge it is 7.1 or 9.1 computer models.By the ecu type selection for automatic diagnosis,then reads the EEPROM,Wait about a minute or so, it will show the type of ECU,And EEPROM data will be displayed.”Save File” button to save the data first,Screenshot way to record this interface.It will be used after the next steps .

Because this interface contains a login password, firmware protection bytes, in the bottom left of the interface. It means that we’ve got the security code and firmware protection bytes. The firmware protection byte will only show 6 bytes, 7 bytes will be hidden. Need to obtain the car keys, and then exit the engine control unit….
Enter key learning . After entering, we look at the first option “auto detect the type.” As has been shown as “Audi A8”, also on behalf of the communication has been successful. There you can see the interface of other options, such as: “engine start permission” to display “Yes” on behalf of this key can now start the car, if it is “NO” on behalf of this key can not start the car. That is the key to learning after we open, more options than this, as shown whether these options are properly displayed.

How are normal, we click on “Programming dealer key” this button to enter, it will then pop up the following three options.

The first option is to load the engine function to generate the distribution of key data, the use of the case against Cong OBD port can not read passwords and data; second option is to load the 7-byte ID to generate dealer keys; third The first option is to find seven firmware protection byte key for generating dealer.
Choose the third option, as long as we just used the screenshots, pictures recorded 6 firmware password protection byte and fill in the corresponding landing box, then back button, “find the seven key word at work in Festival “will be prompted interface,” Please original car keys (you can launch key) into the programmer. ”

Put the original car keys to FVDI programming coil, click “a” in the lower left corner will display “has successfully completed the seventh of 35 (16 hex).” As shown above: When you find the first seven bytes firmware after click “programming” should prompt new key into FVDI programming coil. We follow the prompts to put the key into the new programming coil.
“OK.” Then you will be prompted “after holding down the brake pedal and press the unlock button, determine the connection to the device, you can release the pedal.” This prompted mean? If we do increase when the key does not need to care about this prompt, direct click to determine it. However, in the case of all lost, you need to go through the prompt wake-vehicle communication method, that is, the brakes and the car unlocked by switching methods.
Click “OK” after the lower left corner of the display “Try byte (# 000) into the key.” And then later on display, “reads the first seven bytes of success. Theft chip programmed and locked, the first seven bytes are 79.” That is the key dealers have generated a success.

We exit. Return to the key learning interface, the key number, and login password (security code) are filled out.

click to “learn”, will prompt “Turn the ignition switch and remove the key. Then insert the key and turn the ignition switch” Follow the prompts to do, after click “OK”.
Will be prompted to “turn off the ignition key to be inserted in each of the study, and then in front of the steering lock is locked put it in the CRANK position.”

When this prompt, put the key in the ignition dial light out, and then plug it in, hear the voice of the steering wheel to unlock, dial out. In the new insert another key to unlock the steering wheel to hear the sound, and then pull out. When two keys are unlocked hear, click “OK” key to increase implies complete.

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2010 Honda CRV Troubleshooting of remote control

Today, share a car key matching fault case, firstly thanks to Master Wu sharing. A few days ago , a 10-year Honda CRV, the owner reported the fault on the remote control does not work properly after checking frequency remote control, adequate battery.

He use the old re-match with the new remote control , the vehicle can not normally enter the remote control to set the state.Try to head off the car battery to see if to lift failure, but instead cause the vehicle false alarms.Inadvertently found that insert the key to open the vehicle door won’t cause any reminder sound ,dashboard does not show the doors open.So open Steering wheel prop.Check the key at the remote remind coil-contact switch if there are problems.Check if the switch resistance is normal.Down ideas, check door switch, switch lines are normal.Use Launch X431 check fault codes and found no direct relationship between the fault and the remote control.Just reported B1000 B1008 B1011 three failures. Remove the MICU (body control box) Check no damage, no burning point.Then check MICU relevant line plug properly.

This time deadlocked,Access to information, in accordance with the troubleshooting method.Access to information, in accordance with the exclusion method.Pull the plug coil recognition,check and still have that fault.Remove the Dashboard, disconnect the meter two plugs, connectors X431 detect faults, B1000 fault disappears.According to this can judge that the problem in dasboard.Asked the owner,when the fault happened.Owners reply that a week ago tuned mileage,the remote control is working properly,after a day find the dasboard did not alarm open door,but the remote control can also be used normally,today can not use the remote control.Owners called to the one who turn mileage dasboard ask him to adjust the dashboard, the answer is okay and no matter with dashboard.

Now repair deadlock, replace the dashboard does not necessarily solve the remote control malfunction problems, but the cost is too great.Then change thinking way, B1000 failure remove first and then check remote control failure problems

Looking for a normal dashboard models with data written to try to replace the original dashboard data, and then loaded on the car.launch x431 diagnostic tool detected three fault disappears, the remote control can be used normally, troubleshooting.Remove the dashboard re-adjusted back to the owner wants kilometers loading everything is ok,remote control function is ok.

Summary:before check the fault we need to communicate with the car owner . Well begin is half done

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How to update SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer?

About Updates:

Software Version Plan
V2.0, V2.1, V2.2, V2.3, V2.4, V2.5, V2.6, V2.7, V2.8, V2.9, V3.0, V3.1, V3.2, V3.3, V3.4, V3.5 ….. and so on

The red versions need pay for update. The next 4 updates are free if you have bought version V2.0 (when you buy SKP-900, you get V2.0 by free), V2.5, V3.0, V3.5

Note: Each update will add about 1-3 vehicle models. We will not issue a new version if only amend bugs.

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BMW Fault Codes BMW Diagnostic Code

This answer is applicable for several BMWs additionally to the one listed below.

BMW INPA diagnostic tool

BMW icom a2+b+c


car year: 1997

car model: 328is

My BMW has failing emission check and that i have two codes. are you able to tell ME what those codes mean and also the half to repair it? P1423 and P1421.

These 2 codes area unit for the Secondary Air System, bank-1 and bank-2. Bank one is cylinders one through three and bank-2 is cylinders four through vi. These codes area unit indicating that the secondary air system isn’t functioning properly.

The secondary air system pumps contemporary air into the exhaust ports throughout cold engine start-up. This provides contemporary chemical element to help within the complete burning of the combustion mixture throughout the cold start-up amount, once the mixture is richer and isn’t burning expeditiously.

Commonly, the check valve at the manifold can fail (stick open) and this can permit exhaust gasses to enter the pump once it’s not running. this can destroy the pump. the standard repair involves substitution the pump and also the check valve (and the seal for the check valve). Of course, there area unit alternative areas inside the secondary air system that might be guilty. For additional data and elaborate diagnostic steps, please see the Summer 2008 issue of our quick Times account (below).

I have a 1999 BMW 323i and also the scan code unbroken developing p1188/1189 and p0170 and p0173 . What area unit these codes and the way do I correct the the problem?

The P1188 and P1189 codes area unit for “fuel control” for each banks one and a pair of (cylinders 1-2 and 4-6, respectively). The P0170 Associate in Nursing P0173 area unit for “fuel trim”, again, for each banks one and a pair of.

With these codes, i might 1st search for vacuum leaks within the intake system. examine the rubber boots going from the MAF (Mass Air Flow sensor) to the throttle body, particularly the little leg that connects to the idle management valve, down by the throttle body. in addition, examine all vacuum and air handling hoses. Another common vacuum leak supply is that the housing ventilation. See the link below for extra data on the housing ventilation.

If you can’t realize any obvious vacuum leaks, you’ll have the system “smoke tested”. This injects a smoke into the intake and any leaks can permit the smoke to return out.

Do not forget regular vehicle maintenance and replacement of ignition

In several people’s minds, maintenance is nothing over replacement the 3 filters, oil and different consumables. In fact, throughout operation of the vehicle, several components ar in constant wear and tear, routine maintenance, scrutiny vary so much restricted to a few filters, oil, brakes, spark plugs, etc., plenty of places don’t listen if the standard scrutiny, maintenance, Associate in Nursingd aforesaid unsure once an sudden failure happens. Here ar a couple of components within the routine maintenance is usually neglected.


many folks understand that the spark plugs ought to be modified often, however it ignores the upkeep of the mechanism to different components of the mechanism is one amongst them. once the engine is running, the ignition line usually have tens of thousands of volts of high voltage periodic current, as a result of it work long hours in hot, dusty, vibration setting, aging inevitably occur even broken. Therefore, it and therefore the electrical device, even as the requirement for frequent replacement of consumables.

Aging and broken ignition ignition energy can greatly scale back the engine fuel consumption rises, power down off the hearth will cause serious, and this can be a fatal failure for the engine with a converter is bothered. in keeping with the expertise of foreign countries, although there’s no fault, every with twenty thousand kilometers round the mechanism is additionally set to get replaced. several domestic automobile house owners usually need to wait till reminded to visualize the mechanism of the engine cannot be started even seem unstable operation failure, however during this case, attributable to the potential harm to the mechanism parts and waste fuel and decline the engine caused so much on the far side the its own price. additionally, the mechanism cap, distributor rotor, ignition coils, spark plugs and different parts ought to even be within the routine maintenance, scrutiny vary.

Brake disc

Brake disc and brake shoes ar a combine of friction, wear and tear of constraint, brake disc there’ll be some wear and tear, the explanation is incredibly easy and obvious, however many folks solely listen once the upkeep vehicle replacement Shoe , however usually overlook the replacement brake disc. the results of excessive disc wear could be a terribly serious, 1st of all, because of the reduced surface roughness, that the particular contact space becomes little, leading to light braking force

additionally, the worn brake disc heat capability decreases once the temperature rises in continuous braking quickly, additional liable to heat recession. All of that ar terribly dangerous driving. Some fix-it shop to severe decline the brake disc shaping machine, surface treatment, ordinarily referred to as “CD”, so the surface is sleek, however the disc becomes agent, brake thermal recession are going to be additional severe, additionally, high-temperature tempering causes the disc made within the method, and more reduces the mechanical strength. Generally, when the replacement of the constraint two to three times, the brake disc ought to get replaced. don’t feel unhealthy that a couple of hundred greenbacks, after all, human life is invaluable.

Generator bearings

currently several skilled worker was dubbed “stevedore”, which means just for components, not repairs. In fact, a number of the components as long as needed maintenance will greatly extend its life, the generator is one amongst them. Some years agone, a generator within the automobile fairly expensive parts, when Hou, a group of maintenance on the generator system, like time lubrication, replacement of bearings, adjust, replace carbon brushes, change the bit within the car’s maintenance necessities purpose gap so on, now, with the lower element costs, and routine maintenance of the generator has bit by bit been neglected. In fact, if you sign up accordance with the higher than provisions, the replacement of bearings, a minimum of prolong the lifetime of the generator is over doubled. In general, once the vehicle is traveling 6-80000 metric linear unit, the generator ought to be overhauled, additionally, water pump, steering system pump, air con mechanical device bearings ought to be checked often.

with the exception of some of necessary automotive electrical connectors with gold contacts, most of the remaining fittings ar created ​​of copper – Zn alloy, underneath traditional circumstances, its responsibility is bonded, however if the automobile could be a long-standing in warm temperature, high humidness , jolty run setting, it’s doable to supply these joints loose, corroded, poor contact and different failures. Therefore, throughout routine maintenance, ought to specialize in joint examination board pc, sensors, nozzles and different parts, if found to possess loose, unsound development will handle it with petroleum jelly, or replaced with new plugs.

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Not In Good (Insurance) Company

(I work on the front desk at a repair shop. A client calls us back; they called earlier and spoke with someone else.)

Client: “I need you to tell me who my insurance is.”

Me: “…Pardon?”

Client: “I called before and you told me that I needed to find out who insured my car, so tell me who insures my car!”

Me: “Er, sorry, I wouldn’t know that. You need to know who your insurance is with.”

Client: “Well, I don’t know who my insurance is! Find out for me!”

Me: “I can’t do that. There’s more than two dozen insurance companies in the immediate area alone. Do you have any documents about your insurance? An insurance policy? An invoice?”

Client: “This is bullshit! I pay $1000 a month to be insured, and you don’t even know who it is?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but we aren’t your insurance company. We fix cars. We don’t know who your insurance company is.”

Client: “WHY NOT?!”

Me: “Because we aren’t your insurance company, we haven’t ensured your car, and you have never dealt with us before. There is no way for us to know where your car is insured.”

Client: “When I bought this car, I spent a lot of money on getting this protection pack and I was promised [Insurance Company]‘s extended protection and—”

Me: “Excuse me—”

Client: “I’m not finished!”

(Cue a five minute long rant about how he spent so much money on his car, during which he mentions the insurance company’s name no less than four times.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir. But did you say that you have [Insurance Company]‘s protection?

Client: “YES!”

Me: “So, you mean [Insurance Company] is your insurance company?”

Client: “How should I know?!”

Me: “Okay, well, if you have [Insurance Company]‘s cover, then that is your insurance company.”

Client: “God, was that so f***ing hard?!”

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